Signature Events

The University of Chicago is a center of people and cultures. OMSA's programs focus on enriching students' experiences and encouraging cross-cultural dialogue on campus. OMSA offers many programs designed to connect the multicultural student community and help them form meaningful friendships, share experiences, and collaborate. In addition to bringing students into contact with each other, we serve as a catalyst for interactions among students, alumni, and faculty. 

We offer a wide variety of programs each quarter, and the best way to stay up-to-date is to sign up for the CI+I newsletter. That being said, here are a few student favorites that take place every year:

  • Orientation Events: OMSA offers orientation events for both first year undergraduate students and graduate and professional students to support their transition to the University of Chicago.
  • Graduate and Professional Student Mixers: The Graduate and Professional Student Mixers are opportunities for multicultural graduate and professional students from all academic divisions and professional schools to meet and mingle in a social setting.
  • Heritage Series: The Heritage Series celebrates our multicultural student population while addressing relevant social issues faced by these communities. Each year four speakers or artists are invited to give a keynote speech, share their work, and their thoughts around issues impacting communities of color. 
  • Graduation Celebration: The graduation celebration is an annual event to celebrate all students of color graduating from the University.

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