About Us


Our Vision

The Center for Identity + Inclusion creates intentionally diverse and inclusive communities, serving as a bridge builder by engaging students and members of the University community of all backgrounds to ensure personal, academic, and professional growth and success.  We strive to:

  • Foster a campus environment that supports the exploration of varied identities and their intersections
  • Increase knowledge and awareness of different worldviews to strengthen cultural competencies and their application in a variety of contexts
  • Create opportunities to engage in challenging conversations to advance a more equitable society
  • Amplify voices and advocate for and with students from marginalized identity groups to enhance the student experience

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Office of Multicultural Student Affairs

We strive to foster intercultural engagement and raise the critical consciousness of students and the broader UChicago community, particularly as it relates to the lived experiences of varied racial and ethnic communities. 

LGBTQ Student Life

We strive to create an inclusive and safe community for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning students and allies at UChicago.  We provide educational opportunities and serve as the hub for  LGBTQ student life at the University.

Student Support Services

We utilize a holistic approach to create an environment in which low-income, first generation, and/or undocumented students can thrive and succeed on campus.  We provide services that strengthen self-efficacy, resilience, and a sense of belonging. 

The mission of the President's Roundtable seeks to develop the cross-cultural, collaborative leadership skills of leaders at UChicago by providing students with theoretical and real-life experiences in non-hierarchical leadership for the purpose of creating a shared vision for/and effecting social change.  By social change we mean collective efforts that empower individuals and communities to identify and address the underlying cause of social issues. 


Through focusing on student group leaders, the program will develop students in the following areas, all of which contribute to creating a collaborative foundation towards building social change: 

  • Identity and Culture — Understand the narratives of communities of color, queer and trans communities, first-generation, low-income, and undocumented communities, and their intersections.  Understand contributions of these communities at UChicago, and the influence dominant and counter narratives have on culture; 
  • Leadership Development – Provide opportunities to prepare and practice becoming effective leaders to create effective movements for social change 
  • Coalition Building and Community — Learn skills in creating community alliances, establish ties between students and student groups from diverse backgrounds, and build a foundation for future collaborative work. 


At least one member of your student group executive board must attend each Roundtable Meeting. The Roundtable is slated to meet twice per quarter, for the total of six meetings per academic year.  During the Roundtable, student group leaders will be able to network, market, and collaborate with different student groups, learn and develop leadership practices to enact positive social change, and center current social injustices to build coalition with other groups and leaders.

Click here to read the 2016 Campus Climate Survey 

University Police

  • From a campus phone: 123
  • From any phone: 773.702.8181

Safety and Emergency Resources

  • Dean-on-Call: 773.834.HELP
  • Sexual Assault Dean-on-Call: 773.834.HELP
  • Bias Response Team: Report

Medical Resources

  • Student Health Service (SHS): 773.702.4156
  • Nurse Advice Line (after SHS business hours): 773.702.4156
  • Mitchell Hospital Emergency Room: 773.702.6250

Counseling/Mental Health Resources

  • Student Counseling Service (SCS): 773.702.9800
  • SCS Staff-Member-on-Call: 773.702.3625

Additional Resources

Office for Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Support
Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Students

Jeremy Inabinet:  773.834.4837
Associate Dean of Students
in the University for Disciplinary Affairs

Bridget Collier:  773.702.5671
Associate Provost for Equal Opportunity Programs
Title IX Coordinator for the University