Space Requests

Located at 5710 S. Woodlawn Ave., the Center for Identity + Inclusion (CI+I) is home to the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs (OMSA), LGBTQ Student Life, and Student Support Services (SSS) and operates as a student-centered space designed to enhance the overall campus experience for students of color, students who identify as LGBTQ, and students who are first generation, low income, and/or undocumented. Read more about our mission and values here:

For all requests of space, CI+I reserves the right to:

  • Decline a request that does not align with the vision and mission of CI+I or goes against the CI+I space guidelines, even if space is available.
  • Alter, reschedule or cancel requests based on the needs of the Center. If a change to a confirmed space is necessary, a CI+I staff member will contact you to offer alternate space options available to your organization.

Please visit this website often as policies and procedures may change.

Fall/Winter/Spring Quarterly Hours

  • Sunday 3:00pm - 8:00pm
  • Monday-Thursday 9:00am - 10:00pm
  • Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm

Quarterly Interim/Summer Hours

  • Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM

Campus departments and student groups whose mission aligns with those of CI+I may submit requests to use space at the link below. Please submit only after careful review of our guidelines detailed below. Please allow up to two (2) business days for processing of your request. Events cannot be promoted until a reservation confirmation is received.


UChicago student organizations whose mission/vision aligns with that of CI+I are invited to reserve space free of charge for meetings and programs. Usage of the space must align with all policies and regulations set forth by the University and CI+I. 

  • Students reserving space must be currently enrolled.
  • Reservations and events must fall within the current quarter and within Center hours. Reservations outside of these parameters will not be considered.
  • Recurring meetings/events are only permitted in the Community Lounge on Sundays in order to allow for the maximum number of groups to using the space during the week.


  • Reservations and events must fall within the current quarter.
  • Departments that are not recognized partners of CI+I are subject to reservation fees as outlined below. Space rental payments are completed via University JE transfer.


  • *Community Lounge | Max capacity: 60 people  
    • 4 hours or less: $250 (includes setup/breakdown time)
    • +4 hours: $500
    • Optional clean-up service: $75
  • Shared Resource Room | Max capacity 16 people
    • Daily rate: $75
  • Roundtable Conference Room | Max capacity 10 people
    • Daily rate: $75
  • *Amandla Lounge | Max capacity 25 people
    • Daily rate: $175
    • Optional cleanup service: $50
  • *LGBTQ Lounge | Max capacity 25 people
    • Daily rate: $175
    • Optional clean-up service: $50
  • RSO Lounge | Max capacity 18 people
    • Daily rate: $125
  • Living Room | Max capacity 20 people
    • Daily rate: $150

**Additional Rental Fees:

  • Audio/Visual equipment: $150
  • Building Manager staffing (after hours): $50/hour, not prorated
  • Portable projector: $75
  • Portable speakers w/microphone: $75
  • Podium w/speaker: $75

*The optional Clean-up Service includes taking out of trash, general clean up and resetting of the Community Lounge. If cleanup is required and this option is not chosen, a $100-$150 clean-up fee will be assessed.

**Equipment rental must be included in the reservation in order to guarantee availability. Glass partitions in the Community Lounge must remain closed at all times.


There is a 15‐minute late start grace period for reservations lasting less than one hour and a 30‐minute late start grace period for reservations one or more hours. If a group does not show for its reservation by the expiration of the grace period, then the room in question will be made available to any person or group needing the space.

In the event of a cancellation, organizers must notify the Center as soon as possible by calling 773-702-5710, or by emailing Multiple cancellations and/or no shows at reserved times or misuse of the space may result in a suspension of reservation privileges. 

  • All spaces come with a standard room set up unique to that room. Users are responsible for set- up and for returning the space to its original condition. Users can refer to set-up diagrams posted in each room or direct questions to the front desk team member on duty.
  • Furniture can be rearranged to accommodate the group or event. Movement of portable furniture is allowed between rooms but upholstered furniture must remain in the room.
  • Please consider set‐up and break down time when making your room requests.
  • Users are not allowed to use tape, nails, or poster putty on the walls, to suspend items from the ceiling, or to burn items (i.e. candles) in the Center. Sterno lamps are allowed for catering but must be disposed of properly.

Users are responsible for returning reserved spaces to their original state upon completion of programming. This includes:

  •  wiping down tables
  • sweeping or vacuuming the floor
  • taking out trash
  • resetting the furniture to its original position

Cleaning supplies are available at the front desk. Trash removed must be taken to the University trash cans located in a nearby garage at the end of the block.

  • Users are responsible for any delivery/pick-up arrangements. The Center is not responsible for the return or storage of any rented equipment.
  • Users are required to provide their own supply of paper goods and serving ware.
  • The Center has a Student refrigerator available for use but staff cannot not be responsible for items stored there.
  • Waffle makers, hot plates, grills, and any other heat generating cooking appliance is strictly prohibited per fire code.
  • Only University Departments can serve alcohol at the Center. Staff must comply with the University’s Alcohol Policy, along with Federal, state, and local laws with regard to serving alcohol. Campus Departments planning to serve alcohol should note this at the time of reservation.
  • Student Organizations and student groups are not allowed to serve or consume alcohol at the Center.
  • Per University policy, smoking is prohibited inside all university facilities and within 15 feet of all University building entrances.
  • Other than sterno lamps for food warming, candles and open flames are not allowed inside the center.
  • Users are responsible for any damages to the building as a result of their event, including but not limited to spillage, moisture or water damage, carpet and furniture stains, damage from moving furniture, etc. The Center for Identity + Inclusion reserves the right to assess a fee to cover any costs associated with damage. 
  • Users are responsible and accountable for the behavior of their guests and members during their reservation time. Any damages or personal injuries are the responsibility of the sponsoring organization.
  • Users are not permitted to store items at CI+I.
  • All members of the community should demonstrate the commitment stated in the University’s Diversity Statements and Policies (

The Center for Identity + Inclusion is the home of the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs, LGBTQ Student Life and Student Support Services. Each entity frequently partners with student organizations and departments to co-host events that build the communities we serve. Inquiries for partnership can be emailed to 

  • When marketing your co-hosted event, please use the name Center for Identity + Inclusion as the location of the program.
  • Use of the logos for any of our offices on marketing materials requires prior approval by the respective office.

Public film screenings require the purchase of the film’s copyright. Users must provide CI+I with proof of permission prior to the start of programming. Please refer to the University’s official policy on film screening prior to submitting your request to the Center: