Cultural Shows

African & Caribbean Student Association (ASCA) Culture Show:
Roots & Royalty

Saturday, April 2 • 6:00pm
Logan Arts Center, 915 E. 60th St.

Roots and Royalty will showcase African and Caribbean culture, food, and art. Celebrating the power and eminence of African and Caribbean beauty and opulence. 

Instagram: @acsa.uchicago
Facebook Event: ACSA Presents: Roots & Royalty

South Asian Students Association (SASA) Cultural Show:
Chi School Musical

Saturday, April 2 • 9:00pm
Reynolds Club - Mandel Hall, 5706 S. University Ave.

After 3 years, SASA is finally hosting an in person show! Join us to watch musical performances from Classical, Raas, Apsara, Kaveri, Bhangra, Fusion, Aag, and Seniors. 

Instagram: @uchicagosasa
Facebook Event: SASA Cultural Show 2022: Chi School Musical

Organization of Latin American Students (OLAS) Cultural Show:
12 Corazones

Saturday, April 9 • 7:00pm
Reynolds Club - Mandel Hall, 5706 S. University Ave.

OLAS will be reviving the Cultural Show in the 2021-2022 school year! Let the stars align as we dance, sing, and groove our way to the perfect couple! 

Instagram: @olasuchicago
Facebook Event: 12 Corazones: OLAS Cultural Show

Organization of Black Students (OBS) Cultural Show:
Once Upon A Tomorrow: Where Storytelling Transcends Time

Saturday, May 7 • 6:00pm
Ida Noyes - Ida Noyes Theatre, 1212 E. 59th St.

Storytelling is and always has been a crucial part of Black culture—from the folktales of African gods and goddesses told by our ancestors, to afrofuturistic imaginings of entirely new worlds. This year, our culture show will be focusing on just that: stories that transcend time. Together we’ll reimagine the gold, mystic aesthetics of the past, embrace the realism of the stories we are a part of today, and imagine the infinite cosmic Blackness of the future. Throughout three acts- Act I: Yesterday, Act II: Today, Act III: Tomorrow- we will showcase talent and tell our stories through art, song, poetry, dance, fashion, and more. Join us for a night of magic and fun, as we reclaim our narrative and tell our stories. 

Instagram: @obs_uchicago
Facebook Event: OBS Cultural Show: Once Upon a Tomorrow

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