UChicago Graduates

Post-Graduation Resources

As Undocumented and DACAmented students complete their UChicago education and plan for their future ahead it is vital for students to be aware of the available career paths.

Educators for Fair Consideration (E4FC) provides a great start for this search with a resource guide, Life After College for Undocumented Students.

Medical School

For DACAmented students interested in pursuing a health related career such as medical school should visit the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) for a list of universities that accept DACAmented applicants. 

Students may also be interested in connecting with the Pre-Health Dreamers, an "information-sharing network and community of over 215 pre-health undocumented students across 27 states, representing various career interests."

Career Services

UChicago's Career Advancement offers an array of services to aid students gain work experience in their chosen industry.  Students who need help with their resume, want to find an internship, or are looking for prospective employers should connect with career advancement.


As UChicago graduates join the alumni ranks there will be an expansive network of fellow peers to meet through the UChicago alumni chapters across the country.